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Rayleigh Centre Area Action Plan Examination

Rayleigh Centre Area Action Plan Adopted 20 October 2015

The Rayleigh Area Action Plan Submission Document (December 2014) was submitted to the Government for independent examination on 5 December 2014 alongside a number of supporting documents.

The Programme Officer for the examination was Kay Tinson.

Following submission the Planning Inspector provided his preliminary observations to the Council, and asked for clarification regarding some issues and made several suggestions on how the Council should proceed.

The Inspector observed that the changes in the Rayleigh Area Action Plan Submission Document (December 2014) suggested by the Council constitute main modifications to the Plan rather than additional modifications. As such the Inspector suggested that it would be more appropriate from a procedural point of view to carry out the examination based on the original Pre-Submission Document published in November 2013.  

A hearing session took place on 4 March 2015. Following this hearing session for the Pre-Submission Document (November 2013), the Inspector provided his interim views on the soundness of the plan (see table below, ref. RCAAP014). The Council considered the Inspector’s interim views and produced a consolidated list of modifications to the Pre-Submission Document (November 2013). The Schedule of Modifications and accompanying Sustainability Appraisal were consulted on between 27 April and 22 June 2015 and are available to download below:

Proposed Schedule of Modifications to Rayleigh Area Action Plan Submission Document
Sustainability Appraisal of the Rayleigh Area Action Plan Submission Document-Schedule of Modifications

Comments submitted on the proposed modifications can be viewed on request by contacting the Planning Policy Team.

Reference Document title Author Date
RCAAP001 Inspector’s Preliminary Observations Planning Inspector 23 December 2014
RCAAP002 Letter to representors   Programme Officer 24 December 2014
RCAAP003 Schedule of Modifications RDC 13 January 2015
RCAAP004 Initial questions to the Council Planning Inspector January 2015
RCAAP005 Provisional Hearing Agenda Planning Inspector January 2015
RCAAP006 Letter to Inspector - RCAAP006   RDC 9 January 2015
RCAAP007 Inspectors Guidance Note Planning Inspector 19 January 2015
RCAAP008 2nd Letter to Representors Programme Officer 19 January 2015
RCAAP009 RDC response to Inspectors initial questions
Response to initial questions
Response to initial questions - Appendices A - C
Response to initial questions - Appendix D
RDC 6 February 2015
RCAAP010 Examination Hearing Agenda Planning Inspector 26 February 2015
RCAAP011 ECC joint statement  RDC/ECC 3 March 2015
RCAAP012 Post Hearing note  Planning Inspector  6 March 2015
RCAAP013 Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) - Update RDC 6 March 2015
RCAAP014 Letter to Inspector RDC 23 April 2015
RCAAP015 Inspector’s Final Report Planning Inspector 6 August 2015