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Supplementary Planning Documents

Rochford District Council has prepared a number of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) as part of the plan making process. The purpose of SPDs is to provide additional advice and guidance in the determination of planning applications. Additional SPDs may be prepared, where it is appropriate, to help with decision making.

Adopted SPDs

A number of SPDs were adopted on 11 January 2007 and came into effect on 5 February 2007. They were subject to a five-week consultation period, running from 29 September until 3 November 2006. These SPDs, and other relevant information, can be downloaded below:

SPD 8 – Rural Settlement Areas ceased to be extant upon adoption of the Development Management Plan in December 2014. The Development Management Plan supersedes the remaining policies in the Replacement Local Plan (2006) after which no policies remain in the Development Plan supporting rural settlement areas.

Committee Reports and Consultation Responses
Adoption Statement
SPD Notice - Statement of Fact
Statement of Compliance

The following SPDs have been adopted since 2010 and can be downloaded below:

Parking Standards Design and Good Practice Supplementary Planning Document (Adopted 17 December 2010) – View the guidance on parking standards such as the minimum number of parking spaces that will be required for new residential development; the maximum number of spaces for commercial, leisure, retail, etc.; along with guidance on such subjects as the design and layout of car parking, and the provision of cycle parking. This replaces SPD5 - Vehicle Parking Standards.

The Parking Standards Design and Good Practice document was produced by a review group comprising representatives of Essex County Council and a number of Local Authorities within Essex. The guide is intended to be applied across Essex and Rochford District Council agreed to adopt it to ensure an appropriate and consistent approach to the provision of parking in developments is applied.Other relevant documents can be downloaded below:Sustainability Appraisal
Summary of Consultation Results
Consultation Statement
Regulation 19 - Notice of Adoption
Playing Pitch Strategy Supplementary Planning Document (Adopted 17 April 2012) – View the guidance on the provision of formal open space and playing pitches which replaces SPD3 – Playing Pitch Strategy.

This SPD presents the findings of the assessments undertaken for playing pitch provision (senior/ junior/ mini football, cricket, rugby and hockey).  The document proposes a number of recommendations and potential solutions for the issues it identifies. The analysis and recommendations in the strategy will also help support the future planning policy and allocation of playing pitches.

Other relevant documents can be downloaded below:

Playing Pitch Strategy SPD Committee Report and Consultation Summary

The Playing Pitch Strategy SPD was consulted on between 14 November 2011 and 16 January 2012. To view the 2011 consultation document and comments made, please contact the Planning Policy Team.
Local List Supplementary Planning Document (Adopted 17 December 2013) – View the document that identifies Local Heritage Assets (LHAs) of local importance which are considered to merit additional protection through the planning system. It offers advice and guidance on the implementation of Core Strategy Policy CP3 rather than providing new policies.Other relevant documents can be downloaded below:Local List SPD Consultation Statement
Local List SPD Adoption Statement
Local List SPD Committee Report

The Local List SPD is the result of two stages of consultation. The first involved consultation with the Senior Consultant, Historic Buildings Place Services Shaping Place, at Essex County Council as well as Parish and Town Councils on the content of the consultation document. This was followed by formal public consultation between 7 February and 6 May 2011.

For background detail on the consultation, please refer to the 2011 Local List SPD: Discussion and Consultation Document.
Essex Coast RAMS SPD - View the guidance on how the impacts of housing growth on recreational disturbance to habitats sites will be managed through the planning processOther relevant documents can be downloaded below:Essex Coast RAMS Consultation Report
Essex Coast RAMS SPD Adoption Statement

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If you need more information on the Supplementary Planning Documents, please contact the Planning Policy team on 01702 318191 or email us using this form