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Neighbourhood Planning

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood Planning was introduced by the Localism Act (2011) enabling local communities to prepare plans to guide future development and growth in their local area. In areas with defined parishes, such as Rochford District, Neighbourhood Plans can be prepared by the Parish or Town Councils.

The first stage is for a Parish or Town Council to submit a Neighbourhood Area application to the District Council for consideration and approval. This is regulated by the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended). An application must include the following:

  • a map which identifies the area to which the area application relates
  • a statement explaining why this area is considered appropriate to be designated as a neighbourhood area
  • a statement that the organisation or body making the area application is a relevant body for the purposes of section 61G of the 1990 Act

Once an area has been designated the Parish or Town Council can prepare a Neighbourhood Plan covering that area. Rochford District Council, as the Local Planning Authority, is responsible for overseeing the preparation of Neighbourhood Plans and providing advice and support to the Parish or Town Councils preparing a Plan.

Neighbourhood Plans must be in general conformity with the strategic policies in the Local Development Plan for the area prepared by Rochford District Council, as well as relevant legislation and national policies. They are subject to independent examination and local referendum, and once adopted will form part of the statutory Local Development Plan for the area.

Canewdon and Wallasea Neighbourhood Area

What is the Neighbourhood Area?

Rochford District Council received an application from Canewdon Parish Council in December 2015 to designate the Parish of Canewdon as a Neighbourhood Area. The proposed area – referred to as the Canewdon and Wallasea Neighbourhood Area – was considered to be appropriate and was approved at a meeting of the Executive on 2 March 2016.

A map outlining the Canewdon and Wallasea Neighbourhood Area and the Council’s resolution to designate the area can be viewed below.

Canewdon and Wallasea Neighbourhood Area Map

Decision of the Executive (2 March 2016)

The Canewdon and Wallasea Neighbourhood Area is the area that Canewdon Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan will cover.

What about the Neighbourhood Area Application?

Canewdon Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Area Application was available for comment for four weeks between 12pm on 12 January 2016 and 5pm on 9 February 2016 and can be viewed below.

Canewdon and Wallasea Neighbourhood Area Application Form and Statement

Canewdon and Wallasea Neighbourhood Area Map

Rochford District Council considered the comments received during the consultation. A summary of the responses received can be viewed in the report considered by the Executive below.

Report to the Executive (2 March 2016)

What happens next?

Canewdon Parish Council can formally start preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. Canewdon Parish Council is no longer preparing a neighbourhood plan for their area.

How can I be involved?

If you would like to be involved in the preparation of Canewdon Parish Council’s  Neighbourhood Plan, please contact Canewdon Parish Council directly:


Post: Clerk of Canewdon Parish Council PO Box 6126, Rochford, Essex, SS1 9YG

Phone: 07596 747873

More Information on Neighbourhood Planning

There are a number of websites which provide useful advice and information to communities interested in Neighbourhood Planning, and other types of community-led planning:

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Contact Us

If you need more information on Neighbourhood Planning and the Parish or Town Council, or Rochford District Council’s role, please contact the Planning Policy team using this form.