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Rochford Area Action Plan Examination

The Rochford Area Action Plan Submission Document was submitted to the Government for independent examination on 20 November 2013. This document sets out proposed policies for managing and guiding development within Rochford town centre.

In addition to the Rochford Area Action Plan Submission Document, the Council also submitted a number of supporting documents to the Secretary of State. These include the representations submitted during pre-submission consultation, as well as the results of previous community involvement and other evidence.

The Secretary of State has appointed Mr Mike Fox BA MA MRTPI of the Planning Inspectorate to conduct the examination.

An examination hearing session was held on 19 February 2014 at which the various aspects of the plan were discussed, including the future of Rochford Market Square.  Following this hearing session, the Planning Inspector wrote to Rochford District Council and requested that the Council identify a preferred option for Rochford Market Square for inclusion in the Rochford Area Action Plan (see Documents submitted during the Rochford Area Action Plan Examination (Prior to Hearings) below, reference EXR009).

As part of the examination the Council sought views on which of the options for the Market Square should be the option included in the Area Action Plan – the option the Council will seek to realise for the Market Square.

The consultation material is available to download below:
Rochford Area Action Plan Focussed Changes Consultation: Rochford Market Square

The consultation ran from 12pm on 25 March to 5pm on 8 May 2014, and focussed solely on the options for the Market Square.

To view comments added to our online consultation system on the Rochford Area Action Plan: Focussed Changes Consultation please contact the Planning Policy Team. Paper representations and additional supporting documents to representations made during the consultation can be downloaded from the table below:

Following consultation on the options for the Market Square, the Council then decided on the most appropriate Market Square option for inclusion in the Area Action Plan. This suggested modification was then added to the other proposed modifications which had arisen during the examination.

All the proposed modifications (i.e. including those relating to the Square) were consulted on between 23 October 2014 and 12pm on 4 December 2014. The proposed modifications, and the Sustainability Appraisal addendum, are available to download below:

Proposed Schedule of Modifications to Rochford Area Action Plan Submission Document
Sustainability Appraisal of the Rochford Area Action Plan Submission Document – Schedule of Modifications

Comments submitted on the proposed modifications can be viewed on request by contacting the Planning Policy Team.

Documents submitted during the Rochford Area Action Plan Examination (Prior to Hearings)

Ref Title Author Date
EXR001 Letter to Respondents Programme Officer 27 Nov 2013
EXR002 Note to the Council Planning Inspector 27 Nov 2013
EXR003 Guidance note from the Inspector Planning Inspector December 2013
EXR004 RDC response to Inspectors initial comments RDC December 2013
EXR005 Hearing Examination Agenda (19/02/14)         Planning Inspector January 2014
EXR006 Hearing statement - EXR005 RDC January 2014
Proposed Schedule of Changes to the Rochford Area Action Plan Submission Document RDC January 2014
Proposed Amendment to Proposals Map RDC January 2014
Legal Compliance Statement RDC January 2014
EXR007 Hearing Statement - EXR007 Rochford Chamber of Trade 17 January 2014
EXR008 Hearing Statement - EXR008 Hawkwell Parish Council 17 January 2014
EXR009 Letter to RDC Planning Inspector 21 January 2014
EXR010 Rochford Town Centre Area Action Plan Inspector’s Final Report Planning Inspector 16 March 2015