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Privacy Notice - Office of Chief Executive and Strategic Directors

Emails to the Chief Executive and Strategic Directors

As part of our collaborative Strategic Partnership with Brentwood Borough Council both authorities have agreed to set up joint Brentwood and Rochford email accounts ( for use by our Chief Executive and Strategic Directors. Any emails you send to the Chief Executive’s or Strategic Directors’ email addresses will automatically be forwarded to these joint accounts. 

The only employees at Rochford District Council with access to these accounts are a small number of administrative assistants who support the Chief Executive and Strategic Directors. They will only use these joint accounts for the purpose of managing correspondence, diary management and to carry out any other administrative task required to respond to your query.

Rochford District Council is the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation.

The Data Protection Officer for the Council can be contacted at:

Rochford District Council
South Street 
Tel: 01702 546366


Why do we need your information?

Our lawful basis for processing these emails is that it is within the legitimate interest of Rochford District Council to share your emails with Brentwood Borough Council in order to co-ordinate, manage and organise correspondence and diaries as part of our Strategic Partnership. 

We will usually seek your consent prior to processing or sharing your information, however, if there is a legal reason, we may not require your consent, for example, where the disclosure is necessary for the purposes of the prevention or detection of crime. Where we need to disclose sensitive or confidential information, such as medical details, to other partners, we will do so only with your prior explicit consent or where we are legally required to. We may disclose information when necessary to prevent risk of harm to an individual.

Where we cannot rely on legitimate interest, we will lawfully process data where it is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest by the Council to deliver its functions.

What information we are collecting?

Personal Data, for example;

  • Name
  • Address
  • DOB
  • NI number
  • Any details in the correspondence which may identify you

Sensitive information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, and data concerning health or sex life.

How is it being collected?

Correspondence and communications, electronic and paper.

How will it be used?

As a local authority, the Council delivers services to you. To do this in an effective way we may need to collect and use personal information about you. If you use a specific council service, we will usually let you know how that service will use your personal information via a separate privacy notice.

Who will the information be shared with?

To ensure we provide you with an efficient and effective service, we will sometimes need to share your information between departments within the council as well as with our partner organisations that support the delivery of the service you may receive, for example:

  • Other Councils
  • Police
  • Fire Service
  • HM Revenues & Customs
  • Department of Work & Pensions
  • Health Service Providers
  • Voluntary organisations

We may also need to give your information to organisations we have contracted to provide a service to you. We will only ever share your information if we are satisfied that our partners or suppliers have sufficient measures in place to protect your information in the same way that we do. We will never share your information for marketing purposes. 

Retention Period of the data

The emails in the joint accounts will be retained for a period of 1 year and then securely deleted unless the need arises to retain them for longer (for example if they are connected to a longstanding issue or ongoing complaint or under a legal requirement).

The UK GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018 allows you to find out what information is held about you on paper and electronic records.  To do this, you can submit a subject access request to the Council’s Data Protection Officer.  This service is free of charge.

In some circumstance where the information provided may be restricted, for example, where it contains confidential information about another person, where it will cause serious harm to your or someone else’s physical or mental well-being or if the information we give you may stop us from preventing or detecting crime.

In addition, you have the following rights:

  • Ask for information to be changed if it is factually inaccurate
  • Ask for information to be deleted in certain circumstances such as the purpose for which the  information was provided in the first place is no longer relevant, where you withdraw you consent (unless there is no other legal reason for us to use it), we are legally required to deleted information.
  • Ask for the information to be transferred back to yourself or another service provider.  This only applies if we are using your information with consent and not if we are required by law to do so or if a decision was made by a computer and not a human being.