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Insurance Claim

Making a claim for personal injury or damage to property if you believe Rochford District Council is responsible.

Although you may have cause to bring a claim against the Council, this does not mean that you will automatically receive compensation. Whilst we appreciate that you have suffered a loss of some kind, we are only able to pay claims where it is clearly demonstrated that we have acted in a negligent manner. Incidents can occur that are not necessarily due to an act of negligence by a person or organisation, such as wear and tear or pure accident.

Legally the onus is on you as the claimant to prove your claim; this includes providing full details of the incident including accurate dates and locations to enable us to investigate the claim thoroughly. You will also need to provide evidence of the loss you sustained by providing us with invoices or estimates of the damaged items, where relevant. If possible, you should also provide photographs of damaged items or injuries you have sustained.

In the case of damage claims, if an urgent repair or replacement is required to an item to ensure that it is safe, you are responsible as the owner of that property to ensure that it is made safe and does not pose a threat to you or others. The Council cannot arrange for any repairs to property that is not under our ownership and are also unable to recommend contractors to carry out such work.

For further information about how the Council will use the personal data you provide as part of any claim, please see our Insurance Claim Privacy Notice

Claims regarding roads and footpaths

Rochford District Council is not responsible for the repair and maintenance of all roads and footpaths in the Rochford District. Many are the responsibility of Essex County Council. If you are unsure who is responsible for a road or footpath, please visit:

Essex Highways - Who is responsible for my road