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J9 initiative

Help victims of Domestic Abuse  - Start saving lives now


The J9 Domestic Violence Initiative is named in memory of Janine Mundy and was started in Cambourne by her family and local police.

Janine Mundy was killed while her husband was on police bail, he strangled her in front of their two young sons and then tried to fake her suicide by hanging her from a stairwell by a noose.

The Community Safety Team are looking for local businesses and services that can assist with the J9 Initiative to stop domestic abuse and help victims get the support they need.
Leaflets, J9 Information packs and a J9 sticker can be distributed to shops and businesses in the district to put on display for people to obtain contact details to get help.

“The aim of J9 is to raise awareness of domestic abuse and assist victims to seek the help they so desperately need”

You can help…..

We are not asking you to provide counselling. We just want local businesses to be Information Points with basic awareness.

You can contact us using this form.