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Anti Social Behaviour

What is Anti-social Behaviour & how to get help.

Anti-social Behaviour is a broad term used to describe a range of actions that affect the quality of life of others.

Forms it can take:

  • Personal -ASB directed at an individual or group of people
  • Nuisance - ASB which affects the community at large rather than an individual or group.
  • Environmental / Public Space - ASB such as fly-tipping and littering, or abandoned vehicles

Reporting anti-social behaviour


Dial 999 when life is at risk, people injured or there is a crime in progress and an immediate Police response is necessary. If the offence has happened and the offender is no longer present, dial 101 or report it online using the link in Related Content section.

Housing Association:

If you are a tenant of a Housing Association, please contact them direct. See related content for a link to a list of housing associations.

Rochford District Council:

Rochford District Council does not have a dedicated ASB team. Please check the Essex Police website to see whether Police will respond to your report, or direct you to other agencies which may include Rochford District Council. You can complete this check on their website.

Restorative justice

In some situations, you may think about using The Essex Restorative and Mediation Service. It is a voluntary process and both sides must agree for contact to take place. This service provides victims with a chance to tell the other party how they feel about what has happened. It can be effective in showing the responsible person the real impact their actions have on other people.