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Local Land Charges Search

A Local Land Charges Search should be carried out when a property or piece of land is being purchased, leased or valued to find out if there are any matters affecting the land. The search is in two parts. The first part, the LLC1 deals with all registrable charges, such as grants, tree preservation orders, planning agreements, listed buildings and so on. The second part, the CON29 deals with issues such as road schemes, planning history and environmental matters. The information given on the search relates only to the property or land identified on the search requisition and plan. The Council does not provide information regarding surrounding property or land unless this is specifically requested as an additional enquiry.

When submitting a Local Land Charges Requisition for Search you should include forms LLC1 and CON29 in duplicate (these forms are obtainable from Solicitors or Law Stationers). All searches must be accompanied by two up-to-date plans showing the area to be searched against clearly outlined in red. You should also send a cheque made payable to ‘Rochford District Council’ for the correct fee.

Please note: Local Land Charges does not accept third party cheques.

Any enquiries Please contact the Land charges team by using this form.

Land charges search VAT table

Fees for the CON29 and CON29O searches will be the following:

Type of search Fee VAT Total
LLC1 Only £20.00 Exempt £20.00
CON 29 Only £159.33 £31.87 £191.20
CON 29 Optional Questions – each  £21.00 £4.20 £25.20
Additional parcels LLC1 only – each £2.00 Exempt £2.00
Additional parcels CON29 only – each £32 £6.40 £38.40
Additional written questions £37.00 £7.40 £44.40

Fee for a Standard Search (LLC1 and CON29) £211.20


Any additional enquiries relating to highway matters should be sent direct to:

Mouchel Essex

Waterloo Chambers

Waterloo Lane

Chelmsford CM1 1RD

DX 3322 Chelmsford

Any drainage enquiries are dealt with by:


Osprey House

1 Percy Road



PE29 6SZ

Tel: 0845 070 9109

Fax: 01480 323890