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Development Management Document Examination

The Development Management Submission Document was submitted to the Government for independent examination on 13 December 2013. This document sets out proposed detailed day-to-day planning policies through which development within the District will be delivered, and which planning applications will be judged against.

In addition to the Development Management Submission Document, the Council also submitted a number of supporting documents to the Secretary of State. These include the representations submitted during pre-submission consultation, as well as the results of previous community involvement and other evidence.

The Secretary of State appointed Mr David Smith BA(HONS) DMS MRTPI of the Planning Inspectorate to conduct the examination.

A hearing session, as part of the Development Management Document examination, took place on 26 March 2014 to discuss the various aspects of the plan. Following this hearing session, the Inspector provided guidance on the next steps in the examination process (see table below, reference EXD012). The Council, in response, provided additional evidence to support discussions during the hearing session and a revised Schedule of Modifications (see table below, reference EXD13).

The Inspector issued his interim views on the soundness of the plan (see table below, reference EXD14), which includes the modifications required to make the plan sound. The Council has considered the Inspector’s interim views and has produced a consolidated list of modifications to the Development Management Submission Document.

The Council consulted on the proposed modifications between 29 July and 25 September 2014. The proposed modifications, and the Sustainability Appraisal addendum, are available to download below:

Proposed Schedule of Modifications to Development Management Submission Document
Sustainability Appraisal of the Development Management Submission Document – Schedule of Modifications

Comments submitted on the proposed modifications can be viewed on request by contacting the Planning Policy Team.

Documents submitted during the Development Management Document Examination (Prior to Hearings)

Ref Title Author Date
EXD001 Letter to Representors EXD001 Programme Officer  27th January 2014
EXD002 Inspector’s Guidance Note   Planning Inspector  7th February 2014
EXD003 Legal compliance questions to RDC Planning Inspector  7th February 2014
EXD004 Inspector’s initial questions to RDC Planning Inspector  7th February 2014
EXD005 Hearing Programme Planning Inspector 7th February 2014
EXD006 Letter to Representors  Programme Officer 14th February 2014
EXD007 RDC Legal Compliance Statement   RDC 28th February 2014
EXD008 Response to initial questions RDC 7 March 2014
EXD009 Proposed schedule of changes RDC 7 March 2014
EXD010 Agenda for examination hearing Planning Inspector 21 March 2014
EXD011 Hearing statement South East Essex Organic Gardeners Mrs C Shorney  26 March 2014
EXD012 Inspector’s Note of Final session Planning Inspector  26 March 2014
EXD13 Development Management Examination: Revised Schedule of Changes and Additional EvidenceAdditional Evidence
Housing Standards Review Consultation
Salford Inspectors letter
Proposed schedule of changes EXD13
RDC 11 April 2014
EXD14 DMD Modifications letter Planning Inspector 22 April 2014
EXD15 Letter to Inspector RDC 5 November 2014
EXD16 Inspectors Final Report The Planning Inspector 8 December 2014