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The Role of the Chairman

The Chairman of the Council is the first Citizen of the district of Rochford. The position is non-political and intended to benefit both the district and its citizens. The Chairman can be an influence in promoting the image and importance of the district, as well as the Council's vision and objectives. In turn, the people of Rochford will expect the Chairmanto carry out a full range of duties on their behalf throughout the area.

The role is predominantly a ceremonial one and the key roles are:-

As a symbol of the Authority
The Chairman is clearly visible as the Civic Head of the District when wearing the Chain of Office. The Office connects the present day with history and acts as a symbol of continuity, and the Chairman has the prestigious role of representing the whole District during their year of office.

As a symbol of open society
The First Citizen can come from any class, gender or ethnic background. This diversity can symbolise a more open and democratic society.

As an expression of social cohesion
The Chairman can act as a link to the many organisations they visit. Similarly they can carry the Council's message out into the community and work towards the key aims and objectives.

If you require further information, have any queries, or would like to invite the Chairman to attend your event, please contact the Civic Officer on 01702 318128 or email