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The Duties of the Chairman

The Chairman presides over all meetings of Full Council.

They will also attend as many Committee meetings as possible, Civic duties permitting.

Throughout the year the Chairman will host Rochford District Council’s Civic events, such as the Council’s Carol Service, the district’s Holocaust Memorial Day commemorative event, and the Council’s Citizen of the Year Awards. They will also represent the Council at local events such as Remembrance Day services.
The greatest number of engagements in the Civic Diary result from approaches by outside organisations, groups or individuals inviting the Chairman to attend their events. These can be as diverse as 100th birthday celebrations, formal dinners, awards ceremonies, school assemblies and village fetes.

The Chairman welcomes invitations, which should be sent to the Civic Officer in the first instance.

Other miscellaneous duties may include hosting Civic guests, foreign visitors, school parties and other visitors to the Council.

The Chairman may also choose to raise money for charity through fundraising events.

If you require further information, have any queries, or would like to invite the Chairman to attend your event, please contact the Civic & Member Services Officer on 01702 318128 or email