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Budget Survey

Take part in the current Budget Survey here - closing date 29 October 2023

Community consultation is a process by which Rochford District Council asks members of the public their views on a particular issue, in order to inform decision making.  The Council uses a range of methods to consult.  For example, residents may be invited to give their comments on a particular issue by letter, to complete a questionnaire, or to attend a discussion meeting or focus group.

Benefits to residents include:

  • Opportunity to influence decisions and actions that affect their lives
  • Opportunity to express their views and concerns
  • Opportunity to suggest service improvements
  • Increased understanding and involvement with the Council

Benefits to Council include:

  • Better decision making
  • Better understanding of the needs of local people
  • Early warning of potential problems
  • Opportunity to make services more relevant and effective
Register here to be notified and take part in future consultations.
More information on Planning Policy consultations is available here.