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Chairman’s Visit: Guidance Notes

Thank you for inviting the Chairman of the Council to your event. In order to help you, I hope the following information will be useful:

Addressing the Chairman 

  • The Chairman of the Council is Councillor Jack Lawmon, and should be addressed as “Chairman” or “Councillor Lawmon”
  • In writing: “The Chairman of Rochford District Council” or “Cllr Jack Lawmon”
  • If announcing the Chairman: “The Chairman of Rochford District Council, Councillor Jack Lawmon”


  • The Chairman will sometimes attend engagements alone, or may be accompanied by a guest. They are usually driven by the Civic Chauffeur & Support Officer.
  • The Chairman will arrive at the time stated
  • A reserved parking space for the Chairman’s car would be appreciated
  • The receiving officer, named on the Engagement Form, should be at the entrance to greet the Chairman
  • The receiving officer should introduce the Chairman to appropriate persons and arrange for the Chairman to be escorted at all times


  • If the Chairman has accepted an invitation to speak, please supply all relevant information.
  • Please do not ask the Chairman to speak without prior notice. 


  • The Chairman is the First Citizen of the Rochford district, and represents the district as host to civic visitors from other towns and countries. Therefore, unless the Lord Lieutenant (the King's personal representative) is present, they would take precedence within the district over all other civic representatives, including the Chairman of a Town or Parish Council.

• We are always pleased to receive copies of any digital photographs taken at events attended by the Chairman. These can be emailed to the Civic Officer.

We wish you every success with your event!

If you require further information, have any queries, or would like to invite the Chairman to attend your event, please contact the Civic & Member Services Officer on 01702 318128 or email