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The Chain of Office

The Chain of Office was commissioned in 1974 when Rochford Rural Council and Rayleigh Urban Council combined to become Rochford District Council. The links of the Chain of Office are engraved with details of the Chairman each year. One link shows the Rochford Armorial Badge.

The Chain of Office on a grey background

The Badge of Office, which is suspended from the Chain, shows the Council's Coat of Arms, granted to us by the Royal College of Heralds. The shield is divided into 12 to symbolise the 12 original parishes. Alternate squares of gold and red bear a Tudor rose and sheaf of corn recording the historical and agricultural importance of the district. The crest comprises the King’s Mound, Rochford surmounted by the Rayleigh Mill and the Seax or notched sword, from the Essex County Coat of Arms.

The supporters to the Arms are a black bull from the arms of the Boleyn family with gold wings recording the District's air communication links, and the green Wyvern, alluding to Rayleigh's links with the early Danes.

The Motto "Our Heritage Our Future" was selected in a competition.

The Rochford heraldic badge is taken from the Grant of Arms. A badge was worn on the surcoat of a knight as an easy form of identification. On the Rochford badge the wavy blue and white lines denote the River Crouch. The scarlet lines denote the royal connection (the Boleyn family and the royal hunting grounds at Rayleigh). The gold lines denote the harvest, i.e. rural and agricultural aspects of the District.

If you require further information, have any queries, or would like to invite the Chairman to attend your event, please contact the Civic & Member Services Officer on 01702 318128 or email