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Reasons to Enter for a Business Award

Free Marketing and Exposure

Raise your company profile. Put your business in the spotlight, with local press and social media attention. A great PR opportunity! An award-winning logo can be used on all your company literature and is a visual sign that your business has achieved success. It can also open doors to new markets, contracts and supply chains 


The nomination process is a good way to compare your business against your competitors. It will allow you to take a step back, reflect and evaluate how your business has run so far. What makes it stand out.  Recognise your achievements. The process can also help you identify any improvements you can make going forward.

More Credibility

A business award win, short-listing or nomination can act as an independent assessment of your business. A win can be a sign of quality, or seal of approval on how you run your business to potential customers. It can help your sales pitch or your relationship with suppliers or both!

Employee Motivation

Businesses exist because of people! Awards reward staff and recognise their hard work and achievements. An award can also boost staff morale and increase motivation. Staff can feel proud to work for a company that has won an award. You can also celebrate by inviting your staff to the awards ceremony. This gives your business a networking opportunity too!

Attract Talent

Recruitment and retention can always be a challenge for businesses. An award will make your business stand out for new recruits and attract ambitious people who enjoy success! Pitching your business as the best, means your business has the talented staff to keep it moving forward. Great staff morale makes a better workplace to retain new recruits.