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Business Strategies

The Rochford District Economic Growth Strategy sets out a number of practical actions that are intended to assist local businesses to grow and develop, to promote new business start-ups, to nurture and inspire entrepreneurial talent, and to encourage existing businesses to relocate to Rochford District.

This strategy does not sit in isolation but aligns with the objectives of our corporate Business Plan 2020 - 2023 and our Local Development Plan.

It has taken into account new and emerging evidence and priorities published by the Government, as well as the more local priorities identified at the District, Essex and South Essex level.

Our current strategy shows what we intend to do to support long term economic growth within the Rochford District and sets out our vision to :-

  • Grow the Economy
  • Enable Investment
  • Support Entrepreneurship

This, being a living document will continue to evolve through conversations with partners, businesses and residents. An example of this on-going communication Rochford District Council undertakes, is through the business networking and training events and by working collaboratively with the Rochford Business Network (Tell Me More Business Subscribers*) and 3 Chambers.

*If you would like to find out how you can get involved, join our FREE online business forum.

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