Getting help with a funeral

What happens if there is no family or friends to arrange a funeral for someone who has died?

In some situations, the council can make funeral arrangements for people who have died without family or friends to organise it for them. These cases are normally referred to the council by the coroner.

Please read our leaflet called Assisted funerals in the Related Content.

Where can I get help to pay for a funeral?

If you are a family member or a friend and you need help with the cost of a funeral, there are several organisations that can provide help.

There is a charity service called ‘Quakers Down to Earth’ who provide a free helpline that gives help and information about finding a low-cost funeral. They do not pay towards the cost of a funeral but will help you find out where you might be able to get help towards the cost. They have put together a guide to help and advise families and friends during the Coronavirus. Please see a link to their website in the Related Content section.

If you are a member of the family of the person who has died, and you are receiving a benefit, you might be able to get a Funeral Expenses Payment to help towards the cost of a funeral, for more advice on this, please see the link in the Related Content section to the Government website called ‘Funeral Costs’

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