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Cemeteries and burials

The Council owns and manages two Cemeteries within the District, one at Hall Road, Rochford and one on the Hockley Road, Rayleigh.  The Cemetery at Rayleigh has no further grave or cremation plots available for purchase, which with the exception of children's graves has reached its capacity.

The Cemetery at Hall Road, Rochford now serves the whole of the District for the purchase of new graves and cremation plots. Although these cemeteries were provided to cater principally for residents of the District they are also available for use by non-residents of the District.  A two tier fee structure reflects this arrangement.

Hours of Opening

Both Cemeteries are open to the public every day throughout the year

Exclusive Right of Burial

The period of exclusive use is 100 years. Graves are purchased for up to three persons and four caskets of ashes.  Cremation plots hold up to four caskets of ashes.

A living owner is required to give permission for a burial to take place or a memorial to be erected/altered. In order for the burial or memorial request to go ahead, the Exclusive Right of Burial needs to be transferred to the person(s) entitled to the rights.


All initial enquiries regarding burial should be made through the Funeral Director of your choice, who will then contact the Council's Cemeteries department to make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. Enquiries regarding cremated remains may be made direct through the Cemeteries Department. Arrangements with an Officiating Minister are made by the relative or the undertaker.

Cremated remains must be in a biodegradable container. No plastics of any kind are acceptable.


The Right to Erect a Memorial is issued to the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial until the Deed of Burial expires. The Hall Road Cemetery is a Lawn cemetery and as such only a headstone on a base will be permitted and must comply with specified dimensions. For Cremation Plots a memorial vase/inscription panel is allowed again to a specified size. All local memorial firms are aware of the regulation sizes for this cemetery.

No kerb surrounds are allowed around either a grave or a cremation plot. No planting of trees, shrubs or flowers or the placing of plant containers or ornaments are permitted on the grassed area which must be kept clear in the interest of the appearance of the Cemetery and to facilitate its maintenance.

Rayleigh Cemetery

Rayleigh Cemetery dates back to the late eighteen hundreds and has many varying styles of memorials. Headstones with full kerb surrounds and stone chippings are allowed on cremation plots.

In both the above cemeteries permanent memorials may be erected with the Council's prior approval on graves 12 months after interment. The Council will allow the bereaved to place temporarily a small wooden cross whilst arrangements are made to place a permanent memorial. Please note all temporary crosses are for one year only and will be removed at the end of that time or if the permanent memorial is installed prior to that date.

Memorials may be erected at any time in the cremated plot sections. All memorials must be kept in good order. The Council reserve the right to remove, any memorial, which is not maintained in an adequate or safe condition.


The Columbarium is a place erected for the dignified resting place of a loved ones ashes.  Set on high ground with tasteful seating, the Columbarium is a quiet and peaceful area for contemplation, overlooking an established bed of peace roses.  Each niche can hold two standard poly urns and closed by a polished granite engraved plaque.  The niches are let under a licence for thirty years which may be easily extended.

Memorial Wall

The memorial wall is a beautiful red brick wall, incorporating teak benches.

The wooden benches on the Columbarium site may be dedicated, either on a shared or exclusive basis, by attaching a polished plaque with a simple dedication.

Cremated remains may be scattered beneath the turf, under the trees in a quiet part of the cemetery, with a memorial being placed on the memorial wall if required. The place of the spreading will not be marked in any way.

Each plaque space is licensed for a period of fifteen years which may be extended.


All grass cutting within the Cemeteries, are undertaken by the Council's contractors. To assist visitors tending graves the Council provides at both Cemeteries a supply of water, watering cans and litter facilities.  We ask relatives and friends to be aware that turfing of graves is dependent on the season and weather conditions and will not take place until some time after the burial to ensure the work is of the required quality.


These can be found in Related Content.  If you need more information please contact the Cemeteries office on:  01702 318134 or email us using this form