Chairman of the Council

Chairman of the Council

The Chairman of the Council is the ‘First Citizen’ of the Rochford district.

As well as presiding over Council meetings and attending local events on behalf of Rochford District Council, the Chairman represents the district at functions organised by neighbouring civic heads and other organisations which may benefit the district and its residents.

The Chairman of Rochford District Council for the period May 2021 - May 2022 is Cllr Julie Gooding

Currently a District Councillor for the Hawkwell Ward, Councillor Gooding has been a member of Rochford District Council since 2016. Cllr Gooding has lived in the district for 43 years, currently residing in Hawkwell, and has one daughter.

Cllr Julie Gooding will be supported in her role as Chairman by Vice-Chairman, Cllr Mike Steptoe, currently serving as a District Councillor for Roche South Ward and as County Councillor for Rochford South Division.

Inviting the Chairman to your event

If you would like to invite the Chairman to your local event, please complete a Chairman’s Engagement Form – available in the Related Content section.

If you require further information or have any queries please contact the Civic Officer by email at: