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Charity collections

Charity collections fall into two categories:

(a) Street collections which include collections for cash or the sale of articles in the street, and
(b) House to house collections for money or property.

Collections need to be licensed by the Council unless exempted by the Home Office.  However it should be noted that unless the collection is carried out by the charity itself or its members, a permit will be required regardless of whether the charity itself is exempt.

The Council will generally issue a permit for each collection period.  Anyone wishing to make a collection should apply to the Council at least 28 days before the date of the proposed collection.  The Council reserves the right to limit the number of permits that will be issued for any period within the same area.

There is no charge for a permit.  When a collection has been made under a permit issued by the Council, the organiser must send the Council an audited return.

Explanatory notes for collections

Please complete one copy of the appropriate application form, having thoroughly read the relevant regulations, and return it to us at the address below.

Licensing Unit
Rochford District Council
Council Offices
South Street
Rochford, Essex SS4 1BW

Street Collections only

The Highway Authority's consent will be required if it is intended to operate from a parked vehicle/caravan or from a table or stall that will be situated on the footway or designated area that falls within the highway.  The Authority may be contacted at: -

Essex County Council Transportation and Operational Services
South East Area Office
Churchill House
55-57 Eastwood Road
Rayleigh, Essex SS6 7JE

Telephone: 01268 771458

Regulations require that after making a street collection, a statement must be  published in a local newspaper showing: -

(a) the name of the permit holder,
(b) the area to which the permit relates
(c) the name of the charity,
(d) the date of the collection,
(e) the amount collected and the expenses incurred. 

In order to ease the burden on charities, the Editors of the Standard Recorder and Yellow Advertiser have agreed to publish an editorial item containing the required information, although neither can guarantee the date of publication.

A news item containing the information should be submitted to: - 

The Editor
Echo Newspapers
18 Clarence Road
Southend on Sea
Essex SS1 1AN

The Editor
The Yellow Advertiser
Acorn House, Great Oaks
Essex SS14 1AH

It is important that the required information is publicised.  If for any reason the statement is not published, alternative arrangements must be made that are satisfactory to the Council. 

When submitting the statement of account either a cutting of the newspaper item or details of when and where the information was published should be included. 

Application forms, returns forms and copies of regulations are in the links in Related Content.