Register a New Food Business

You are required by law to register a food business with the local authority at least 28 days before operating.

Who needs to be registered?  

Businesses that want to

  • Sell food
  • Cook food
  • Store or handle food
  • Prepare food
  • Deliver food

What type of business needs to register?

Buffet cars on trains
Delivery vehicles (see Mobile Food Sellers section below)
Guest houses
Kitchens in offices
Market stall
Mobile Food Sellers - Hot dog, Ice cream vans, Sandwich delivery (See Mobile Food sellers section below)
Shops supermarket
Staff canteen

How do I register?

First please follow the link in Related Content to the Food Standards Agency website for all the information you need to start up a new food business. Their website includes a useful checklist for starting up a new food business.

If you are starting a new business, or taking over an existing food business, you can register on-line with us. Register a food business on-line

Making food in your home to sell or give away

I want to make cakes at home and sell them, or give them to my family or friends on a regular basis do I still need to register?

Yes – but only If you intend do it on a regular basis. You do not need to register if you are doing this for a one off occasion or not very often.

Mobile food sellers (hot dog van, ice-cream vans, sandwich deliveries and so on)

How do I register a mobile food vehicle when I do not trade from the same place?

If you use a vehicle for selling food (like an ice-cream van or a burger van), and this is not connected with any permanent registered food premises, you need to register the address where the vehicle is normally kept overnight.   

What If I use my vehicle to sell food like sandwiches that come from my café or sandwich shop?

If you use vehicles for selling food in connection with a permanent premises that has already been registered (like a sandwich shop or café that also sells sandwiches from the vehicle), you do not need to register those vehicles.