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Town Teams

The aim of a Town Team is described by the Department for Communities and Local Government as a body which will ‘….drive innovation and improvement in the way the current high street is managed, develop a strategic and collaborative approach, and be made up of a wide range of local interests including landlords, retailers, local authorities and local communities.’ (Portas Prospectus, February 2012)

Within the Rochford District we currently have one Town Team called Rayleigh Town Team, initially we did have a Rayleigh one and proposed Hockley, so all our main three shopping centres had one, but following consultation with Hockley Parish Council and Hockley businesses, they did not feel it was necessary.

Rochford Town Team

Rochford Town Team was formed in 2014 and meet regularly. Their vision is as follows:-

Promote Rochford for its’ historical charm - that’s well worth a visit!


The Town Team is made up of representatives of the local community with a genuine commitment to taking forward the shared Town Team aims and objectives.

Any additional/changes in members shall be proposed to a meeting of the Town Team and must be approved by the majority of existing members for acceptance. Member representation currently agreed as follows:-

  • Local businesses based in Rochford Centre
  • Rochford District Council
  • Rochford Parish Council
  • Rochford Chamber of Trade and Commerce
  • Rochford Women’s Institute
  • Rochford Market
  • Rochford Hundred Historical Society
  • Other Voluntary & Faith & Residents Representatives

The team were awarded £10,000 from Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to develop their Rochford Heritage Trail and include an app! So please visit their website under Related Content for further information about this.

For more information about this project and/or to find latest notes of previous meetings, please see the Related Content. You can also contact them via email: or follow on twitter: @rochford_town

Although not a town team, Rochford District Council are also key partners in the River Crouch Coastal Community Team, please visit the page in Related Content for further information.

Rayleigh Town Team

This Town Team decided to disband in 2016, as much of their work has continued through Rayleigh Town Council.  Any remaining grant monies were transferred for the Trinity Fair, a community event and to Rayleigh Museum, a registered charity, so that the community of Rayleigh could benefit.  For the latest information concerning Rayleigh, including events, please visit the Rayleigh Town Council website in Related Content.