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Standards required in HMOs

Standards required in HMOs

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) must meet certain standards with regard to adequate heating, lighting, ventilation, and provision of water, toilet, bathroom and kitchen facilities for the number of tenants.

Amenity standards

We have adopted the Essex approved code of practice for amenity standards in HMOs. If you manage or control a HMO, you have a duty to make sure it meets these standards, together with the provisions of management regulations – please see the link to UK legislation: Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation in Related Content. These apply to all HMOs, whether they are licensable or not.

A guide to Essex Amenity Standards for HMOs is also in the Related Content section.

Fire safety in HMOs

HMOs are considered to have a higher risk of a fire than average properties, and must therefore have adequate means of escape and other fire precautions

We take guidance from the guide called 'Housing - Fire Safety' which can be found in the Related Content section.

HMO management

With HMOs there are specific legal duties concerning the maintenance and repair of:

  • water supply
  • drainage
  • gas and electricity supply
  • common parts of the house hall, landings stairs and kitchen
  • toilets, baths, hand basins
  • bedrooms
  • windows and ventilation
  • means of escape from fire, including other fire precautions
  • outbuildings and yards in common use

There are additional duties as to the general safety of residents. These include making sure the name and address and telephone number of the person managing the house is displayed in a properly visible part of the house.