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Private Sector Housing Complaints

Private sector housing tenants are encouraged to report matters of poor housing conditions, where their landlord will not carry out the necessary works.

The Private Sector Housing Service investigates complaints of poor conditions in rented housing. When we investigate, we consider hazards in your home that have the potential to affect your health or safety. The most common complaints we receive are:

  • Damp and mould
  • Excess cold

If you are concerned that there are hazards in your rental property you should first contact  your landlord in writing detailing your concerns and given them the opportunity to carry out the works. Your landlord should respond within 14 days and set out what they intend to do to rectify the problem and a timescale for doing so. Shelter provide letter templates

Please note: if you feel your complaint is urgent, please call 01702 318111.

My landlord won't carry out the repairs - What do I do?

If your landlord does not carry out the works, or you feel they have not been completed fully then we may be able to assist. You will be required to complete a form: Private Sector Housing Service Request Form and provide details of your Tenancy agreement and evidence of contact with your Landlord.

What happens next?

Once you return your form we will assess your complaint to see if we can help you. If we feel we can proceed with your complaint you will be contacted and an appointment made for an Officer to inspect the property, in some cases a property inspection may not be required and liaison with your Landlord may be sufficient. In all cases correspondence will be sent to your Landlord advising them of your complaint to our service.

When will you inspect my property?

Typically an inspection will take place three or four weeks from receipt of your completed form. A Letter confirming the date and time of the inspection will be sent to you and your landlord.

Why do I have to wait so long for an inspection?

When your landlord is invited to attend our inspection we advise of the hazards which have been reported to us. The timeframe gives the landlord a chance to rectify the hazards and carryout repairs. This time is also used to carry out a variety of checks such as; Land registry searches and planning history. We will also go through your supporting documentation and if necessary confirm details with other departments.

Does my landlord have to attend the inspection?

Your landlord is invited to attend the inspection, however it is not compulsory for them to be present.

What happens after the inspection?

Each hazard identified during the inspection will be given a score. If the score identifies category one or category two hazards then we can take enforcement action against your landlord. The officer will discuss the options with you.