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How to Register to Vote

You can register online using the 'Register Online' link in the Related Content section on this page. Alternatively, you can contact the elections office contact us using this form, on 01702 318187 to either request a form or register over the phone. Please make sure you have your national insurance number to hand before going online or contacting us.

The information you provide will be sent to the Department for Work and Pensions to confirm that they are correct. If your information is verified you will receive confirmation that you are registered. If it’s not verified we will contact you to check the information you have provided and you will be given the opportunity to supply further evidence of your identity.

For information please contact us using this form

Why do I need to register to vote?

If you aren’t registered to vote you won’t have a say in who represents you.

You may also have difficulties if you apply for credit. This is because the credit reference agencies use the register to confirm where someone lives when they apply for credit.