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Full Copies of Paper Representations Received

The full electronic copies of the paper representations received during the public consultation on the Allocations DPD: Discussion and Consultation Document can be viewed on request by contacting the Planning Policy Team.

The full paper copies each have individual representation numbers (called a Representation ID) allocated to them – please see the instructions below for how to use these.

Instructions for use:

1.Visit our online consultation website. This will open a new window and take you to our online system where all representations have been duly made.

2. When looking through the representations, if you come across a comment which says “See paper copy for details” note down the representation number. This is the five digit number in the top right hand corner of the representation.

3. Scroll down this webpage and select the relevant batch of documents which are sorted by representation number.

4. Find the corresponding representation number which is located in the top left hand corner of each document.

Please note that these representations have been available to view on request since the end of the public consultation in April 2010.