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Regularisation Certificate

If alterations or extensions have been undertaken without a Building Regulation application having been submitted, this may cause difficulties when you are trying to sell your property since you will not be able to supply the purchaser with the Appropriate Approval notice and/or Completion Certificate. This raises questions about the building construction and structural integrity of the work, since there has not been an impartial and independent inspection of the works.

You can however apply for a Regularisation Certificate for any works undertaken illegally after 11th November 1985, but you need to be aware that you may be asked to expose, lay open certain sections of the work, or submit plans and calculations to show compliance with the Building Regulations.

To submit an application

You can submit an on-line application for a Regularisation Certificate and send it to us with:

  • A statement of the unauthorised work
  • 1 copy of a plan showing the unauthorised work
  • 1 copy of a plan showing additional work to be carried out to secure Building Regularisation compliance
  • A 1:1250 scale location plan showing the building and at least two named roads
  • The application needs to be submitted with appropriate Regularisation Charge payment. If you provide us with the information above, we will calculate the Charge based on the extent of the works and the complexity and give you a quote (no VAT is payable).

Permission - Important Note

Before the works commence you, your Agent or builder should ensure that Planning Permission, Conservation Area &/or Listed Building consent has been obtained or that you have written confirmation that consent is not required. You can obtain guidance from our Planning section by email using this form

Transfer of Private Sewers

The Private Sewers Transfer Regulations does not amend the Building Regulations in any way and there is no obligation for Building Control to consult with Anglian Water, unless the drain or sewer is shown on the map of sewers, in accordance with the current requirements of Building Regulation H4. However, we do have duty of care to our ‘customers’ and Anglian Water have asked to be consulted if the proposal does not comply with all of the standard criteria. For further information you can download our guidance note below or visit their website in Related Content.