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Dangerous Structures

Our Building Control team will assess the danger and respond accordingly to any report of a suspected dangerous structure.

They will visit the site, assess the need for urgent action and make the necessary arrangements to have the risk removed or the site made safe.

What is a dangerous structure?

Potential danger can develop from neglected garden walls, fences, loose roof tiles and similar cladding, fire damaged buildings, vehicle impact on buildings, unstable chimneys and numerous other hazards.

Who to contact?

You can contact us to report a dangerous structure by fax, letter or in person at our offices. You can also can also call our customer services t: 01702 318111 to report a dangerous structure by telephone during normal office hours

Accidents that result in the requirement for an inspection to check on a possible dangerous structure often occur outside normal office hours. If that is the case, please call our main telephone number (01702 318111) and you will be connected to our emergency call centre.

Information to be provided:

  • Address of the danger
  • Precise description of what you consider to be dangerous and it's location on the site.
  • Any information known about the site ownership or access details that might help the Building Control Officer in dealing with the complaint.
  • Your name and contact number so that we can advise you of the action taken (optional).

Out of hours emergencies

Please telephone 01268 527317 to report a dangerous structure out of hours with the information highlighted above and this will be passed to the relevant member of staff to respond to the emergency.