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Means Testing frequently asked questions

What does the means test involve?

Most applications are subject to a standard means test or 'Test of Resources'.

This looks at how much money you need to live for a week.  To work out your weekly needs a standard formula laid down by the Government is used.  The formula takes into account your age, whether or not you have a partner, the number and ages of any dependent children, and whether you or a member of your household has a disability.

The means test compares your weekly needs with your ability to meet those needs from your income and capital.  If your income and capital are greater than your needs, you will be expected to make a contribution towards the cost of the works.

If a grant applicant is claiming Housing Benefit, Income Based ESA, Working Tax Credit on a salary of less than £15,050 P.A or Guaranteed Pension Credit, there is no need to carry out another means test, the applicant would not be expected to make any contribution.

An initial means test is carried out based on the information provided on the supplied form.  No checks are made on this information at this stage.

Please note:

A means test is not carried out where an application is for works that are for the benefit of a child or young person, i.e., under 16 years old, or under 19 years old and still in full time education.

In addition for recommendations received from the 1st of April 2021

A means test is not carried out for works costing a total of £5000 or under.

A means test is not carried out for any stair lift or bathroom adaptation recommendation or combination of the two.

What happens after the initial means test?

You will be advised, in writing, whether or not you would be expected to make a contribution towards the cost of the works.  

Can you do the means test over the phone?

No, this is not possible due to the amount of detail required and the time it takes to carry out the means test.

How much can I have in savings before I have a contribution?

There is not a set amount. An individual means test is carried out depending on each person's needs and circumstances.