Private Sector Housing

Covid -19

During this time with regard Covid-19 Private Sector Housing will still investigate tenants complaints with regard housing conditions in privately rented properties.  In most cases an inspection of the property will not be undertaken and we will work with you in order to explore alternative ways of carrying out an inspection with regard more serious Category 1 hazards. 

If you are a Housing Association tenant please contact your housing association in the first instance and use their complaints procedure if necessary before approaching our service.

Please see the latest guidance from Central Government in the Related Content section.


The relationship between poor housing conditions and poor health is well documented. It is vital that issues such as disrepair, excess cold and risk of falls are dealt with, to protect public health, minimise nuisance and improve “the quality of life for people in the District”

We work to improve the health, safety and well being of our residents in a number of ways:

  • Investigate complaints of disrepair in privately rented accommodation
  • Offer advice
  • The inspection and risk rating of Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • The maintenance of an up-to date register of all empty homes targeting long-term properties to bring them back into use
  • Provide means tested Disabled Facilities Grants  for those who need to make adaptations to their homes
  • Well Homes grants for essential repairs to owner occupied homes
  • Empty Property Grant
  • Work in partnership with Castlepoint Council and Southend Borough Council to host forums for landlords and agents
  • The inspection of licensed caravan sites
  • Harassment or Illegal Evictions

Please note: If your landlord is a Housing Association you should use their complaints procedure before approaching us for assistance.

If you require further information please contact us on : 01702 318111 or email us using this form.