Go in, stay in, tune in

During an incident you may be advised to Go In, Stay In, Tune In. There is an agreement with radio and TV companies that if there is a major emergency or incident they will interrupt programming to give public safety advice and information.

Therefore sheltering means that you go indoors tune into local radio, and TV and stay there until told by the emergency services or by radio and television that it is safe to go outside.

Go In

  • go indoors
  • close all windows
  • if you are away from home go into a shop or other public building and wait for further instructions

Stay In

  • close all doors and windows
  • go upstairs where possible
  • extinguish all naked flames
  • stay in and do not go back outside until told it is safe to do so
  • have your radio, some snacks and water with you
  • if you have pets, do not go outside to look for them
  • the Police and Education authorities will ensure that children attending schools are safe and properly looked after
  • if you rely on home care, they will not be able to come to you. Social Services will be informed of your situation and will try to contact you by phone. An evacuation might have to be considered. If you are in immediate danger only, please call the emergency services on 999

Tune In

  • tune in to local radio/TV
  • follow official instructions
  • limit use of the telephone - keep lines free for emergency use