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Some of the oak trees at Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park are suffering from a disease known as Acute Oak Decline.

One of the main symptoms of this disease is extensive stem bleeding. Scientist from Forest Research (the research agency of the Forestry Commission) are currently investigating the causes of the problem.

The Council's Woodlands & Opens Spaces Team pride themselves in ensuring high levels of public safety. The team already carry out tree inspections on all Council owned land and carry out the recommended work within given timescales. For this reason we have increased our inspections on all Oak trees at Cherry Orchard Country Park and are documenting any changes. We are also working with Forest Research in the hope of understanding more about this disease. You may notice areas around affected trees fenced off in an effort to reduce the risk of transferring the disease to healthy trees.

You can help to protect healthy oak trees and prevent spreading this disease in the following ways:

  • Avoid contact with trees showing symptoms such as bleeds and dead or dying branches
  • Do not touch the bleeding areas of the stems
  • If you have been walking or cycling in an area where there are diseased trees, clean soles of walking shoes and bicycle tyres before entering areas where trees are not yet affected.
  • Do not remove dead wood, branches or infected bark from this site

Thank you for your co-operation. For more information click on the link in Related Content.