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Magnolia Nature Reserve

Magnolia Nature Reserve on the Ashingdon/Hawkwell border is a lovely area of habitat and can usually be found alive with bird life. One of the specialties that have been found most winters in good numbers is the increasingly rare Bullfinch.

This Nature Reserve is managed by Hawkwell Parish Council. The reserve was former brickworks and several signs of this trade are still apparent. The main element being the pond that was redeveloped in 1996 to which wildlife has gradually returned. A bridleway installed by Essex County Council gives access for horse riders through the reserve.

There are various pathways through the woods and some very long walks. For the bird watcher the best place to see birds in the woods is the area surrounding the public car park. Most of our woodland birds prefer some open spaces and the habitat in this area attracts most of the species to be seen in the woods.


There are no toilet facilities at Magnolia Nature Reserve.

There is a car park off of Rectory Road/Magnolia Road, Hawkwell by the railway bridge. It has a height restriction barrier and the gate is locked overnight.

There are pedestrian entrances into the nature reserve from Hogarth Way, Lincoln Road and from footpath 7 off of Rectory Avenue.


Magnolia Road
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