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Woodlands, Parks and Open Spaces Map

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Betts Wood is a 10 acre, near level, ancient semi natural woodland of Oak, coppiced Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Holly and Silver Birch. This woodland is home to many animals, birds, and insects and is filled with bluebells in the spring time.

Situated in the rolling countryside of the Roach Valley at the south of the District, the 200 acre beautiful wildlife park continues to mature, providing unique recreational facilities for residents and visitors to the area.

Grove Woods & Playing Fields are located between Rayleigh and Eastwood, forming a haven for both people and wildlife, between the suburban development of Rayleigh and the intensively farmed land of the Roach Valley.

Covering over 130 hectares, Hockley Woods are the largest remaining area of the wild wood, which covered Essex after the Ice Age 10,000 years ago.

This small wood is one of the only surviving ancient woodlands in Rayleigh but it has a rich and varied wildlife and well-documented history.

Magnolia Nature Reserve on the Ashingdon/Hawkwell border is a lovely area of habitat and can usually be found alive with bird life.

Sweyne Park Open Space was originally war time agricultural land, after which it continued in agricultural tenancy until transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture to Rochford District Council in the late 1980s.