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The Executive

Resources, Climate Change and Economy – Cllr Michael Hoy
(covering Climate Change, Economic Development & Inward Investment, Finance, Procurement).

Governance and Communications - Cllr James Newport
(covering Communications & Digital Engagement, Civic Services, Democratic Services & Secretarial Support).

Strategic Planning - Cllr Jim Cripps
(covering Planning Policy & Strategy, Planning Development Management & Enforcement, Capital Programme & Regeneration and Housing Development).

Environmental Services - Cllr Chris Stanley
(covering Waste & Recycling; Street Scene and Cleansing; Country Parks, Council Companies and Building Control).

Leisure, Tourism and Wellbeing – Cllr Julie Gooding
(covering Leisure (Sports & Health Improvements/Initiatives), Communities & Partnerships, Tourism, Arts, Culture & Heritage).

Communities and Health – Cllr Lisa Newport
(covering Public Protection & Health Services, Environmental Health, Licensing and Community Safety).

Housing – Cllr Adrian Eves
(covering Housing Strategy & Sanctuary Partnerships, Housing Options & Homelessness).

Customer Services – Cllr Arthur Williams
(covering Customer Services, Revenues & Benefits, Performance & Data Insight, ICT & Data Protection, Connect Programme).

Public Spaces and Assets – Cllr Vilma Wilson
(covering Public Realm & Open Spaces, Parking SEPP, Asset Management).

The Executive makes decisions either collectively or individually on matters of policy and management across the range of services delivered by the Council (subject to some decisions which are reserved to all Councillors meeting as “Full Council”). The more significant decisions (known as “key decisions”) are published in a ‘Key Decisions Document’. Decisions made by the Executive are published and are subject to “call-in” by the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee for a five day period prior to being enacted.

Further details can be found here: Executive meetings