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Retail Prices and the RAMS Tariff

The Retail Prices Index (RPI) figures are calculated and published on a monthly basis by the Office for National Statistics. Data is usually published by the middle of the following month, meaning that, for example, the RPI figure for December will be available by mid-January. All planning obligations secured under Section 106 are usually index linked to the RPI movements between the date of signing and the date of payment being made by developers to the Council. This ensures that any increases in the cost of providing services is accounted for.

The RAMS tariff figure will be increased in line with the RPI figure published for the month of February. The new RAMS Tariff will be agreed and set in March of each year to enable the mitigations budget programme to be agreed and implemented from the 1st of April of each year.

However, the February 2021 RPI figure will not be published by ONS until 24 March 2021, which gives a very short window until the 2021/22 RAMS tariff will come into force.

Calculating Rates

For 2022/23, the tariff is £156.76 per dwelling, having increased from the 2021/22 tariff of £137.71 in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI). The date at which planning applications are submitted (unless the proposal is a major application where the RAMS payments would be via S106 Agreement) determines the current year’s tariff. For future years tariff please contact the Planning and Building Control Team.