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Noise Nuisance

Environmental Health deal with noise complaints.

Leaflets giving advice about noise from barking dogs, Bird scarers, DIY, and so on are available to download from the related content.

What should you do if you are being disturbed by a noise?

A one-off party is not something we can investigate as a statutory nuisance.

In most cases the problem can be resolved by politely telling the person about it, if they do not know it is a problem, they cannot deal with it. If after a reasonable amount of time nothing has been done to solve the problem, you can make a complaint to us.

Please read how we will investigate your complaint first noise nuisance procedure and policy

If you still want to make a complaint, you can do this by completing our on-line form Make a complaint about noise

Do I have to wait for the council to investigate my complaint?

No - You can take your own private legal action. Taking your own legal action may be quicker than our investigation, but you may have to pay legal costs. Advice about taking your own action is provided in our booklet called ‘Statutory nuisance –taking your own private action’ which can be found in the related content.

Noise from pubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants

You should make a complaint to our Licensing department. They will check to see if the premises are following the conditions on their licence.

Phone 01702 318058 or you can complete our on-line form Make a complaint about a Licensed premises

London Southend Airport

If you have a complaint about noise from the airport, like noise from flights in and out of the airport, you should make your complaint directly to the airport. Environmental Health are not able to investigate this type of noise under noise nuisance laws.

Please see the London Southend Airport Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s) in the related content section. Noise is explained in section 18,19, and 20.

This document also gives advice about other activities at the airport.
The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) also advise that you contact the airport direct.

For advice about noise across the UK in general from flights or aircraft activity please visit the CAA website. We have provided a link to their website in the related content.