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Cockerel noise

What you can do to reduce crowing

If you do keep a cockerel, think carefully about whether the cockerel is likely to cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

Below we have listed some simple but effective things you can do to reduce the nuisance caused by your cockerel crowing.

  • Location of the cockerel – make sure the cockerel is as far away as possible from your neighbours’ homes.
  • Competition – other cockerels in the area will try to compete with each other and this can increase crowing. So only have one cockerel yourself.
  • The coop – cockerels crow when light enters their coop, so keep the coop as dark as possible to keep crowing to a minimum early in the morning. You could also lower the ceiling of the coop to prevent the cockerel from throwing back its head and crowing.

Other information

You don’t need a cockerel for your chickens to produce eggs. It is also a mistaken belief that chickens lay better when there’s a cockerel around.

By law, cockerel crowing is a recognised noise nuisance. If we accept a person’s complaint about your cockerel crowing, we will try to sort the problem out informally with you. If the problem is not solved, we may issue an ‘abatement notice’. This is a legal document that will order you to stop the nuisance.

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