Fireworks advice

You may be concerned for your pets or animals, or want more information about the law on fireworks. Thinking of holding a display? This page will give you all the links to the information you need to have a safe night.

Having a fireworks display in your garden

The Firework Regulations 2004 means

•    No one under 18 can possess fireworks
Fireworks cannot be used between (11pm until 7am) except on certain festivals:
•    Until 12 midnight on the 5th November
•    Until 1am for the night of Chinese New Year
•    Until 1am on the night of Diwali
•    Until 1am on New Years Eve

Government Information covering displays, selling fireworks and more can be found following this link

Individuals can store fireworks for private use for up to 14 days, provided they are kept in a safe place.

Be considerate to your neighbours

•    Tell neighbours - especially the elderly and those with children and pets that you plan to have a firework display - better still, invite your neighbours
•    When purchasing fireworks, avoid really noisy ones . Your supplier should be able to tell you what they are selling
•    Make sure pets and other animals are safely away from fireworks
•    Avoid letting off fireworks in unsuitable weather - when  for example in strong winds
•    Let off your fireworks in an open garden area - noise bounces off buildings and smoke and pollution builds up in enclosed spaces as well
•    If a neighbour complains that you are disturbing them, their pets or livestock, be considerate
•    After your display, clear up firework fall out and dispose of it safely


•    Return to a firework once lit. It may go off in your face
•    Throw fireworks
•    Put fireworks in your pocket
•    Play with fireworks
•    Ever give sparklers to very young children


•    Keep fireworks in a closed box
•    Follow the instructions carefully
•    Light the firework fuse at arms length
•    Stand well back
•    Keep pets indoors
•    Wear gloves when holding sparklers
•    Put spent sparklers in water
•    Keep a bucket of sand or means to extinguish fireworks if necessary
•    Before lighting a bonfire check to make sure no Hedgehogs are hibernating

Anti-social behaviour and fireworks

Anti- social behaviour in relation to Fireworks will be dealt with by the police who can issue a fixed penalty notice for the following

  • Setting off or throwing fireworks in the street
  • Breach of curfew times
  • Underage possession of fireworks
  • Offences against animals (RSPCA also deal with these types of offences) RSPCA 24 Cruelty Advice line Tel: 0300 1234 999

Noise from fireworks - The council is not able to deal with noise from Fireworks under Statutory noise nuisance law, because it would be extremely difficult to prove where the fireworks are coming from to be able to identify what property is causing the noise nuisance, and do not last long enough to be witnessed for the evidence needed.

Fireworks and animals/pets

The RSPCA gives good advice for pet owners and animals on their website here

To report animal cruelty call the RSPCA 24hr Cruelty Advice Line tel: 0300 1234 999

Selling and storage of fireworks

Essex County Council Trading Standards deal with complaints in relation to the selling and storage of fireworks  

Tel: 03454 040506  Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline in partnership with ECC.

Fireworks displays

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provide information about holding a firework display on their website.

HSE also produce information about holding an organised display, inappropriate storage of Fireworks and safety information please see the HSE website listed here  

or Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents website