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Housing benefit award accuracy review

We are reviewing residents housing benefit as part of the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) Housing Benefit Award Accuracy initiative (HBAA).

This is a new initiative to ensure benefit awards are correct and that those who are entitled get the right amount.

Why have I been contacted to review my housing benefit claim?

The DWP has sent us a list of housing benefit cases identified nationally by risk score. The risk score predicts the probability of the customer having had a change of circumstances.

We are reviewing the highest scoring Rochford District Council cases from the list. Any customer on the list will be contacted to ask they complete an online form.

If you have received a letter advising you about this and directing you to this page of our website, you need to click on the link below and complete the online form with your details.

You will be asked to tell us about your current circumstances such as your household’s income and any savings and investments you hold. This will have to be completed about anyone who currently lives with you.

Housing benefit review form link- To follow.

If you have any difficulties completing the form or any questions about the review, you can call us on 01702 318197/318198 or email us using this form

It is important that you complete this form if you have been sent a letter by us asking you to do this. This form is only for people who have received a letter from us about the review.

Providing evidence

If you need to provide evidence as part of the review you can do this by uploading to the form or sending it to us by email revenues&

Please scan, or take a photo of your documents with a tablet or smart phone. You can upload them to the online form using the ‘upload’ button when asked. You can also email them to us. If you are emailing us information, please put your housing benefit reference in the subject line along with the words Housing Benefit Review. Please make sure that any photographs of any information or evidence you send are clear. This will avoid causing any unnecessary delays. You must also include your name and address in the main body of the email.

Background information

The Housing Benefit Award Accuracy is a new initiative from the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) to ensure awards of housing benefit are correct.

The Housing Benefit Award Accuracy initiative is funded by Department for Work & Pensions requires us to undertake activities to identify changes of circumstances that we have not been told about. This means we need customers to complete the short claim form and supply all current details and evidence, so their housing benefit entitlement to be checked.