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Benefit fraud is committed by either:

  • Intentionally not reporting a change in your circumstances
  • Being dishonest in order to get benefits

Reporting a fraud

The Department for Work and Pensions is responsible for investigating all housing benefit fraud.

If you suspect some-one of benefit fraud you can:

The following advice is taken from the Department for Work and Pensions own website:

What happens if you’re suspected of fraud

  • You’ll be contacted by the Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue and Customs, the Service and Personnel and Veterans Agency or your local authority if you’re suspected of fraud.
  • You may be visited by Fraud Investigation Officers (FIOs) or asked to attend an interview to talk about your claim.
  • Your benefit may be stopped while you’re investigated. You’ll get a letter telling you about this if it happens.
  • FIOs will gather facts about your case and decide whether to take further action.

What happens after a benefit fraud investigation

If there’s evidence you’ve committed fraud, you’ll be told to pay back the overpaid money. One or more of the following may also happen:

  • you may be taken to court or asked to pay a penalty (between £350 and £5,000)
  • your benefits may be reduced or stopped

Being found guilty of fraud is a criminal offence and every fraud committed results in a loss from the public purse.