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Change in Circumstances

Changes in Circumstances for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support for People who are old enough to claim a State Retirement Pension

Any changes to your personal circumstances can affect the amount of benefit you get. Some of the changes you must tell us about include. 

  • you or your partner starts work, changes job or has a pay increase
  • there is any change to any income that you or your partner receive 
  • your Job Seekers Allowance or Income Support stops
  • one of your children leaves school or you start getting child benefit for another child.
  • anyone moves in or out of the property, 
  • you have a new partner or become married or separated
  • there is a change in your savings (only if they are above £6000 in total)
  • you start or stop paying childcare costs or if the amount changes
  • your rent changes 
  • anyone in your home, who is not your partner, has a change in their income
  • Your state, private or occupational pension changes.
  • any other welfare benefits change such as tax credits

If any of the above has changed, please complete the online form. You may be asked to provide evidence of your change. You can upload a photo of your documents or a screenshot from your smartphone or tablet. 

If you have changed address, please visit 'Do It Online' to tell us.

If you are a working age person and claiming Council Tax Support, but not Housing Benefit from Rochford District Council, please do not complete this form. You should visit our Local Council Tax Support page to tell us about your change.

If you are a working age person and claiming Housing Benefit from Rochford District Council and Council and Council Tax Support, please complete the Housing Benefit change in circumstance form and then visit Local Council Tax Support page tell us about your change for Council Tax Support.