Financial Information

The finance department is responsible for the overall monitoring and control of the Authority's finances. This ranges from preparing the Budgets and Council Tax proposals during the year, to the preparation of the Annual Accounts at the end of the financial year. We have to review current legislation to ensure that we disclose all required information. We work closely with all Council departments to make sure that we are getting the best from the Council's funding.

2019-20 Financial Statements

The draft 2019-20 Financial Statements are available to view within the Unaudited Annual Financial Report 2019-20 in the Related Content section. These are available for public inspection from Friday 26 June to Thursday 6 August 2020, as set out in the notice of Audit of Accounts 2019-20 (also available in the Related Content section).

The Annual Financial Report 2019-20 also includes the Narrative Report, Statement of Responsibilities and draft 2019-20 Annual Governance Statement.