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Council Spending Disclosure

As part of Rochford District Council's drive for greater transparency, the Council is publishing its spending to suppliers as well as payments made to its members and senior staff.

Members Allowances

These can be found on the Councillors' Remuneration page

Pay and Benefits of Staff earning over £50,000 per year

Details are provided in the Financial Statements . You can find a link to these in Links tab above.

Payments to Suppliers

The reports below list all payments made to a supplier greater than £500. They are organised by year. The data is published Quarterly by month. Quarter 1 by 31 July. Quarter 2 by 31 October, Quarter 3 by 31 January and Q4 by 30 April.

Freedom of Information

Any queries regarding the above information should be sent using this form and will be treated as a Freedom of Information Request. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives you the right to obtain information held by public authorities.

Payments in 2023

Payments in 2022

Payments in 2021

Payments in 2020

Payments in 2019