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Road Repairs and Road Works FAQ

Who is responsible for my road?

If the road is publically maintainable it is likely to be the responsibility of Essex County Council (ECC), excluding roads in Thurrock or Southend which are maintained by the respective councils. To view whether a road is maintained by ECC please review their website - Who is responsible for my road?

The main routes into and out of Essex are maintained- A12, A120, M11 & M25- are maintained by National Highways

The A130, between A12 & A127 is maintained by County Route 0845 351 1130.

When is my road inspected and assessed for repair?

If your road is maintained by ECC, your road will be inspected at least once a year and the County Routes inspected quarterly or monthly. To find out whether a road forms part of ECCs County Route please follow this link.

Any issue identified along the highway, ECC will risk assess the issue to prioritise the repair. The issue will either be classed as urgent and repaired or will be put into a programme of works or recorded for regularly monitoring. The assessment will take into account many issues including the location of the pothole in the road and the type of vehicle that uses the road such as cars, motorbikes or pedal bikes.

How do I report something which is damaged along the road?

To report an issue to Essex County Council this can be done via their website.

Someone is digging up my road, how do I know who they are?

Anyone who undertakes works along the highway must apply to ECC for a permit. They are required to display this permit number as well as the work details including start and finish times through on-site boards. Sometimes local residents may receive a letter advising of further details.

To search for any active road works and who is undertaking them please visit the website.

If you have a complaint about road works being undertaken for all utility works please refer to the relevant utility company. For Essex County Council road works please contact their Customer Service Team on 0845 603 7631.

What are the different types of road repair?

There are different ways ECC will undertake surface works along your road and this will depend on a number of factors. For full details on the types of surface repair works please visit the Essex County Council website.

Will I be able to access my property whilst road surface works are going on?

Access to properties should be maintained by those undertaking the works although there may be an occasion where you could be asked to wait. When the bitumen spray coat is applied, it is very sticky, therefore DO NOT drive or walk through it, as it may be carried on to your property. Once the road has been opened restrict your speed to a maximum 10mph through the site and beware of ramps, raised manholes and gullies. If you are not sure seek advice from on-site staff.