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Vehicular Crossover

If you want to construct a means of access (vehicular crossover) from a highway to your property and the answer to either of the following questions is "Yes", then planning permission is required.

1. Is the means of access onto a classified road?

NOTE: Classified roads include all roads prefixed by a letter, for example Chelmsford Road A130, Eastwood Road A1015, Hall Road, Main Road, etc (B1013). However, roads such as Ferry Road, Hullbridge, are also classified. Please check with the Planning Division for a full list of classified roads.

2. Will the means of access be constructed independently of any other development such as a garage or hardstanding?

If you think your proposed means of access does not need permission, it is suggested that you may wish to seek informal written confirmation from the Planning Division before you start work.

Local Highway Authority

All vehicle crossovers require the prior consent of the Local Highway Authority, irrespective of the need for planning permission. However, the responsibility for safe development rests with the developer. This is especially relevant to vehicular crossovers, where they must not create an obstruction on any highway used by vehicular traffic or which would be likely to cause a danger to people.

Information about consent from the highway authority can be obtained from the Area Highway Manager (South East) at the following address:

Essex County Council
Customer Operations
County Hall
E2 Market Road

0345 603 7631