Remuneration of Leadership Team

The Leadership Team's salary range is in accordance with an agreed salary banding range as outlined below.


Salary Range (2018/19)

No. Staff















All managerial staff are subject to annual appraisal, and progression on the scale only happens if satisfactory progress is evidenced.

Remuneration of Senior Officers is included within the Financial Statements in the Council’s Annual Financial Report.  A link to the latest information published is found under the Related Content section.


The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) covers Council employees and some Councillors. The LGPS is a contributory scheme; employees contribute 5.5%-7.5% of their own salaries to the scheme. Employer's contributions to the LGPS vary depending upon how much is needed to ensure benefits under the Scheme are properly funded, and are set independently. The rules governing the pension scheme are contained in regulations made by Parliament. More information about the scheme can be found in Related Content.

Pay Policy Statement

One of the requirements of the Localism Act is that local authorities must approve and publish a Pay Policy Statement to articulate their policy towards a range of issues relating to the pay of their workforce and particularly senior staff and the lowest paid employees