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Residents are invited to 'Save the date' for Rochford's #ByYourSide Cost of Living Community Event.

Rochford District Council is encouraging everyone to get out and about and enjoy all that our local parks and green spaces.

Rochford District Council made an official declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency, following in the footsteps of numerous other local authorities.

Rochford District Council will receive a total of £1m in funding from UKSPF, over a three year period.

Rochford District Council is proud to announce the Chairman's theme for 2023-2024 Civic year.

Through the generosity of supporters, the groups managed to collectively raise a grand total of £50,575.75

Rochford District Council's outgoing Chairman, Cllr Mike Steptoe, has fundraised more than £7000 for his chosen charities.

RDC new Chairman for the period May 2023 to May 2024 will be Councillor Jack Lawmon.

On Tuesday night’s Annual Council meeting councillors agreed to change the way Rochford District Council makes decisions.