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Great Wakering Household Waste Collection Point

The Saturday waste collections from the recreation ground in Great Wakering will now continue in 2022/2023.

The collections will continue the third Saturday of every month from 9am until 12pm as follows:


Saturday 15th April
Saturday 20th May
Saturday17th June
Saturday15th July
Saturday19th August
Saturday16th September
Saturday 21st October
Saturday18th November
Saturday16th December


Saturday 20th January
Saturday 17th February
Saturday16th March

Please note that the Saturday collections of non-recyclable waste (sacks only), will take place at Great Wakering Sports Centre in the car park on the third Saturday of every month from 9am until 12pm

Please note that garden waste and hard core/building rubble/plasterboard are not collected

What can I take to the Collection Point?

  • Non-recyclable waste (sacks only)
  • Bulky items such as mattresses and small furniture
  • Electrical appliances (items that can be fitted into a standard sized carrier bag)

What can’t I take to the Collection Point?

  • Garden waste
  • Gas bottles
  • Asbestos
  • Any hazardous waste including chemicals and paint
  • Hard core/building rubble/plasterboard
  • Commercial/business waste

Who can use the Collection Point?

Rochford District residents only no trade waste.

The vehicles will leave the site once they are full. Any waste left here by residents is classed as fly tipping. This site is monitored for fly tipping, which is a serious CRIMINAL OFFENCE and carries a maximum penalty of £50,000 and/or a prison sentence.

Please be aware that:

  • Waste can be investigated prior to disposal
  • Any waste can be refused disposal at anytime
  • Proof of address/ID will be required by residents using the arrangement – Rochford District residents only
  • A vehicle height restriction of 2m will be in force
  • Vehicle registrations may be recorded

Questions and answers

I live outside the Rochford District where can I take my waste?

Contact your local authority to find out more information on your local recycling centre

Why is garden waste not accepted?

Soil and other DIY wastes (such as hard core and building rubble which are not excepted) are extremely heavy and could cause damage to the vehicles.

I have been refused disposal of my waste, why is this?

  • Option 1 - The waste that you want to dispose of is not accepted
  • Option 2 - The vehicle is full and not accepting any more waste
  • Option 3 - You are not a Rochford District resident therefore the arrangement is not available to you. Please contact your local authority for information on your local recycling centres.

What is the height restriction in place?

A height barrier will be in force during the arrangement; the height of the barrier is 2m. Only vehicles below this height will be able to use the Collection Point.

I arrived on site and the vehicle was not there?

The vehicle is limited to the amount of waste it can carry once full no more waste can be disposed of. The vehicle will then leave the site.

No waste should be left in or around the car park. Any waste left will be treated as fly tipping. Fly tipping is illegal and holds a maximum penalty of £50,000 and/or imprisonment.

I have extra recyclables where can these be recycled?

Plastic bottles, newspapers, glass bottles, cans, and textiles can be recycled via the recycling banks located around the District, visit the Related Content for more information.

I am unable to bring my waste to the collection points, what other options are there?

Large waste items such as furniture and electrical items can be collected via the Council’s chargeable bulky waste collection service.